CPPL Open Class Tournament Round 1

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1st Place - Evolution - Points 1220

2nd Place - The Bluts - Points 1060

3rd Place - GUPS - Points 780

4th Place -Triple Threat - Points - 580

5th Place - CCPL - Points 360

6th Place - Team

7th Place - Team

8th Place - Team


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Q. What format do you play
A. We play end to end buzzers with each game consisting of two rounds.

Q. What paint is available
A. We shoot Valken - all grades available by order 1 week prior to tournament

Q. What is the paint format.
A. Mil Ramp 12 BPS 280 fps with Unlimited Paint

Q.Do we have to use site paint
A. No you can BYO paint or Alternatively you can pre order from ourselfs

Q. What is the score system
A. Our point system is quite simple... 20 points per kill - 40 points per Win -20 for a Team Casualty

Q. What is your marshalling system
A. Since we are just a small tournament every None playing team will marshall a game or two

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Field layout

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Here we have the field layout for the up and coming CCPL open class tournament
Comming soon